How to preserve your flowers

Preserve your flowers and enjoy them for longer! Read Flower House Dubai’s latest blog for 5 great ideas.

5 ideas to preserve your flowers and enjoy them for longer!

Special occasions are often associated with beautiful flowers and flower bouquets. Yet, once the occasion is over, the question is: should I throw my lovely flowers away?

There is no need to do that – you can definitely preserve and enjoy them for longer! If you want your flowers to last beyond their initial display, we have 5 great ideas to inspire you!

1. Air dry your flower bouquets upside down

Often used by flower fans, this technique will help you dry and display your dried bouquet for longer. Tightly wrap the stems together and choose as space that is warm and dry to hang up your flowers for a couple of weeks. You can choose to dry your flowers in a dark room to keep their scent intact, but do remember that they will not retain their original colour.

2. Press and wait for a couple of days

You can use this pressing method for your flowers effectively by putting the different buds between pieces of parchment inside a heavy book (think dictionary!). Remember to ensure that the book is properly weighed down. After just around 10 days, your flowers should be prettily pressed and ready to be framed or to be used for any other design you have in mind.

3. Preserve your flowers’ shape and colour with silica gel

Any mention of the word gel sounds like this could be a messy affair. However, silica gel is actually porous sand that you can use to dry your flowers. Getting this product is easy as it is readily available at craft stores or online shops. To use it for your flowers, simply get an airtight container, fill its base with the gel, then add the flowers and gently cover your flowers with the gel. In about a week, you should be able to gently remove your flowers from the gel and spray them with hairspray for extra protection.

4. Use wax to dip your flowers

The wax method is not 100% permanent but will help you preserve your flowers for a couple of months to enjoy. Paraffin wax melted in boiling water works best – just ensure the wax is slightly cooled in the saucepan you are using before you dip in the tops of your flower. Always just do a quick dip – do not leave your flowers resting in the wax and hang them upside down to dry after you’ve dipped them.

5. Create interesting flower artworks with epoxy resin

Do you want to create beautiful decorative shapes wherein you can preserve your flowers in permanent forms? Using clear epoxy resin will allow you to create stunning designs! Simply purchase your desired mold, and then fill it up to halfway with the resin. Carefully arrange your flowers in the resin, and then cover the remaining half of your mold with more resin. Once your gorgeous shape has dried, you will have an eye-catching ornament to can be enjoyed for both its beauty and the memories it holds!

Want to enjoy your flowers for a little bit longer before preserving?

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