How does the subscription service work?

The Flower House subscription is a regular delivery service for wild flowers that you can enjoy at home. You can choose weekly or bi-weekly delivery and select your preferred delivery time.

The design of the bouquet changes weekly and is revealed on the day of the delivery (Thursday) which means every delivery is a surprise!

Our wild flower bouquets are best described as colourful, exciting and refreshingly unique. Check out our instagram @flowerhousedubai to view our previous designs. 

If you have any other questions about the Flower House subscriptions or other products, feel free to contact us any time via email contact@flowerhousedubai.com.

Will I be locked into a contract?

No! We don’t hold you to a commitment. Easily pause your subscription, or just cancel? You can change your mind anytime! Just let us know before your automated payment renewal time, 4 days before your expected delivery day.

Can I also order just 1 bouquet?

Yes you can! We offer a “one-off delivery” where you pay for 1 delivery only. You can also choose to subscribe and cancel your subscription if you don’t want to continue after your first delivery.

What is the difference between a subscription and a package?

Choose the subscription or package that works for you. With both options you subscribe to our weekly or bi-weekly flower service.

Subscription: pay per delivery, automatic payments
Package: purchase 10 or 20 bouquets in advance – no reoccurring payments

You can pause your subscription or package anytime as long as you let us know 4 days before the next delivery date. You can find your next expected delivery date on your profile.

How can I pause or cancel my subscription?
  1. Login to your account
  2. Go to “MY PLAN”
  3. Select pause or cancel
How do I reactivate my subscription?

You can re-activate a paused or cancelled subscription by logging in to your account and go to “my plan”. If you need any help you can always reach out to our customer care team by sending an email to contact@flowerhousedubai.com.


Which day do you deliver?

We deliver fresh bouquets every Thursday but this subject to the flight schedule. You will receive a reminder via email 24h before delivery.

Where do I find the next delivery date?

You can find your next expected delivery date on your profile. Need Help? Contact us on contact@flowerhousedubai.com.

Can I change the delivery date?

If you wish to change your order or subscription, you can do so via the “My Account” area of the Flower House Dubai website or by contacting the customer care team at contact@flowerhousedubai.com. You can pause or cancel your subscription anytime as long as you let us know 4 days before the next expected delivery date. You can find your next expected delivery date on your account.

What time do you deliver?

You can select your preferred time slot between 9-6 or 6-10.

What if I am not home?

You will receive a reminder 24 hours before the delivery. If you are not home at the selected time slot we will leave the flowers in water at your door ONLY if the flowers are not exposed to direct sunlight or heat. In every other case, we will contact you via phone to confirm delivery instructions (if any) or schedule alternative delivery time.

Delivery is free and we offer 1 free reschedule. If you are not home and forgot to cancel we offer the option to deliver your bouquet to a friend or family member.

If you have any questions our customer care team is always there to support. Contact us via email contact@flowerhousedubai.com 

Where do you deliver?

We deliver to Dubai – if you are living in a different Emirate and are interested in the flexible Flower Subscription, please send us a message on contact@flowerhousedubai.com and if we have enough enquiries we will add your Emirate to the delivery schedule.

Can I specify an exact delivery time?

You can choose your preferred delivery time when you place your first order. We have 2 delivery slots 9-6 or 6-10. And the deliveries take place on a Thursday (depending on the flight schedule)

At the moment we cannot accommodate special request for specific delivery timings or days. We will always send you a reminder 24H before the delivery.


I want to gift fresh flowers, is this possible?

We only deliver the freshest flowers on Thursday – we don’t offer daily deliveries but we have a stunning gift card where you can give as many bouquets as you like and the receiver can receive the flowers when he/she wants! Click HERE for more information and to view our Flower House Dried Bouquet gift option!

Do you do same day delivery?

Forgot a special occasion? Not to worry! We offer same day deliveries – just place an order and specify the delivery date. We deliver gifts daily between 9-7 pm,  and take last orders before 4PM.

I received a gift card, how can I redeem it?

We hope you loved your gift! You can redeem your gift card on flowerhousedubai.com/gifting. Just fill in your address and giftcode. If you received a giftcard for more than 1 delivery, you can choose to receive flowers weekly or bi-weekly. 

If you fill in your details before Sunday you can expect your first delivery the next Thursday – otherwise you will receive it the following Thursday.

The deliveries will automatically stop when your credits finish. If you wish to continue to receive your flower deliveries, you can subscribe or purchase a package.

How long does a dried bouquet lasts?

A Flower House dried bouquet can live up to 3 years and doesn’t require any care! It’s the perfect gift for someone that is always on the move.


How much is 1 bouquet?

The price per bouquet varies depending on which payment method you prefer. Go to ORDER page to see the different prices and packages.

How do I pay?

We accept Visa and Mastercard. 

For all ongoing subscriptions, your credit or debit card will be billed at checkout for your first delivery only. From the next delivery onwards, you will be billed on a recurring basis 4 days before the expected delivery is scheduled. (Charged Saturday for delivery on Thursday)

Sunday is when we confirm our order with the supplier to purchase the flowers from the auction, we are against wastage of flowers so we don’t keep any fresh stocks (+ this is why we can keep the prices low!)


Where do I find the prices of the corporate packages?

The corporate packages vary by size, quantity and location. You can send us your enquiry here and we will be in touch.

What is the difference between a corporate package and a normal subscription?

The difference between a “normal subscription” and a “corporate package” is that we delivery the flower on vase for businesses and refresh them weekly. The prices vary based on size, quantity and location. You can send us your enquiry here and we will be in touch


Can I request a customized design?

We don’t take customized orders. We work with a talented floral designer in the Netherlands with a great eye for detail. She selects the best and strongest seasonal flowers that not only last long, but also look great.  Every bouquet is best described as colorful, exciting and refreshingly unique – a real eye-catching beauty. Check our Instagram page to get an idea of our designs.

Can I order vases or accessories to be added to my next delivery?

For sure! We offer free delivery above 100 AED, if your order is below 100 AED but you are receiving weekly or bi-weekly subscriptions, then we can add your item to your next delivery. You can select this option when you finalize your purchase.

How long will my flowers last for?

To guarantee the best quality and freshness, we deliver the flowers straight from the flower auction in Holland. There is no time wasted in warehouses or stores.

We take the best and fastest delivery options to make sure you can enjoy your bouquet for as long as possible.

The longevity of flowers depends largely on how you care for them. You can find all our tips and tricks on how to maximize the life of your bouquet on our website CARE TIPS. Using these care tips will help you keep your beautiful flowers fresher for longer.

If you have any further questions or doubts, please don’t hesitate to contact contact@flowerhousedubai.com

I would like to receive more than 1 bouquet per delivery, is this possible?

Ofcourse! Just send us an email with your request to contact@flowerhousedubai.com and we will update your subscription accordingly.

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