For someone that loves flower, it is a real struggle to find nice flowers at affordable prices in the UAE. And if you find them, it is always the big question – how long will they last?

Our Dutch founder, Danielle Boers, who has been living in the UAE for over 8 years, was facing the same struggle every week.
She made it her mission to find a way to offer fresher flowers at affordable prices.

She put together a team of entrepreneurial women and introduced a service that brings flowers straight from Dutch auctions to homes in the United Arab Emirates: The Flower Subscription Service idea was a fact and Flower House Dubai was born.

Today, Flower House Dubai delivers the freshest wild flower bouquets directly from the flower auction to the homes in the UAE at prices ranging from 118 to 188aed!

Meet the team

Danielle Boers



Floral designer

Esther van Geenen



Administrative Assistant